Hello Baby! - A workshop for expectant parents on bonding with your baby.

Expecting a baby can be an exciting time when many questions arise. "What will my baby be like?" "What is the best way to respond to my baby? "How does bonding occur?".

At Hello Baby! is a workshop informed by the latest research on bonding and child development that will help you understand how to:

  • strengthen the unique relationship that develops between you and your baby
  • relate to your baby when crying and settle baby for sleep
  • enhance your baby's social, emotional and cognitive development through bonding
  • access support from a variety of sources and meet others in a similar situation

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Workshops are run regularly in the Blackheath and Greenwich area with plans to offer the workshops in other areas in South East London.

Cost is £35 per person, or £60 per couple. Contact me on 079069 53788 or info@pvchildfamilytherapy.co.uk for further enquiries and bookings.