Family life is often joyful but can sometimes be difficult.

Many families with young children experience periods where life can seem more difficult and problems arise in their lives that can cause anxiety and distress.

These feelings may be experienced by one individual or as part of the relationship between partners or between parents and children. People can find it helpful at these times to reflect on the situation and explore different solutions to their problems in a supportive environment.

At PV Child and Family Therapy we work with families from pregnancy to young adulthood to help them manage a range of issues including:

  • birth preparation
  • postnatal depression & birth trauma
  • coping with pregnancy and a new baby
  • sleep issues & feeding problems
  • toileting issues
  • tantrums
  • separation anxiety
  • conduct problems
  • school refusal & bullying
  • depression & anxiety
  • parenting advice and support

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